• Critical race, feminism, gender, queer, and disability studies in
    Digital Humanities
  • Women writers during the Renaissance and women’s writing
  • Digitization, editing, and curation of primary texts and the writing
    process by women and marginalized identities
  • Building and analysing corpora of texts produced by or about
    marginalised identities
  • Traditional authorship, subversive subjectivities, and challenging
    canonical models of scholarship
  • The role of social media and new media in constructing racialised
    and gendered identities
  • Collaborative digital research, infrastructures, methods and tools
  • Representations of identities, transmedia storytelling and digital media
  • Digital archives in relation to black and LGBT histories
  • The challenges and implications of developing digital literary
    archives and online repositories of diaspora communities and
    marginalised identities
  • Context of production: diversity in academia, publishing, library,
    information science, or programming
  • Dissemination, accessibility,sustainability, and the challenges
    faced by digital projects