How to arrive in Köln?

How to get to the Campus?

You can reach the campus by taking the tram line 9 to the stop “Sülz Universität” or the S-Bahn / Regional trains to the stop “Köln-Süd”. The conference buildings can be reached in just a few minutes walk from both stops.

How to get to the Istituto Italiano di Cultura Colonia?

Istituto Italiano di Cultura Colonia
Universitätsstr. 81 * 50931 Köln


HOPPER Hotel et cetera
Brüsseler Straße 26
50674 Köln
Tel.: +49 221 92440-0

Centro Hotel Conti
Brüsseler Straße 40
50674 Köln
Tel.: +49 221 – 258770

Flandrischer Hof
Flandrische Straße 3-11
50674 Köln
Tel: +49 221 20360