Workshops are taking place on 10 November. Each workshop lasts 3 hours. You may take one or both workshops.

9.30-12.30. Editing European Early Modern Women’s Letters

  • Instructors: Anna Cappellotto, Tiziana Mancinelli and Antonio Rojas
  • Description:


13.30-16.30. Introduction to Topic Modeling for literary texts

  • Instructor: Ulrike Henny
  • Description: Topic Modeling is a quantitative method for text analysis aiming at the detection of topical or thematic patterns in large text collections. Besides its general popularity in digital text analysis it has also been used for the exploration of literary text collections (see e.g. Jockers 2013, Rhody 2012, Schöch 2017 for topic models of novels, poetry and drama, respectively). The workshop gives an overview of the application of Topic Modeling for literary texts in Digital Humanities as well as a short practical introduction into the method using MALLET ( The typical workflow of corpus curation and preparation, the Topic Modeling itself, postprocessing as well as the inspection and visualization of the results will be discussed.

Registration opens on 20 September. Workshop seats are limited.